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Fall 2023

Economic analysis on the Core Data Science team.

Research Scientist Intern


with Deeksha Sinha

Menlo Park, California

Summer 2023

Economist Intern


with Mingyu Chen

and Xin Tang

Bellevue, Washington

Estimation of the economic value of engagement with Alexa using recent advances in the two-way fixed effect difference-in-differences literature. Involves productionizing code and managing large (100+million obs) datasets using SQL.

Summer 2022

Economist Intern


with Dara Lee Luca

and Jess Pinnock

Conducted privileged and confidential research in employee relations. Used Stata and R to perform instrumental variables, k nearest neighbor, and causal forest analysis. Presented findings to Vice President of Employee Relations and four Directors, which led to a revision in Amazon policy.


2019 - 2024

PhD Economics

University of California,

San Diego

Anticipated Completion:

December 2023 or March 2024

Fields: Labor, Environmental, and Behavioral/Experimental Economics

La Jolla, California



BS Economics,

BS Mathematics,

Minor in Music Performance

Arizona State University

Barrett, the Honors College

Tempe, Arizona

Teaching & Research Assistance

2019 - Present

Teaching Assistant

University of California,

San Diego

  • Fall '21, '22: Graduate Environmental and Regulatory Economics, Graduate Economies of the Pacific Rim, with Joshua Graff Zivin

  • Spring '21, '23: Energy Economics, with Richard Carson

  • Winter '21, '23: Economics of Ocean Resources, with Dale Squires

  • Fall '20: Econometrics B, with Mun Pyung O

  • Grader: Economics of Discrimination, Economics of the Environment, Economics of Ocean Resources

2020 - 2022

Graduate Student Researcher (RA)

University of California,

San Diego

  • With Joshua Graff Zivin, Robert Conn, and Peter Cowhey:

    • "The Impact of Philanthropy on Science, Technology, and Innovation"

  • With Judson Boomhower:

    • Effectiveness of building codes on wildfire damage​

    • Geographic variation in wildfire fighting costs

    • Historical records of oil and gas well ownership and stranded assets

    • "When do Environmental Externalities Have Electoral Consequences? Evidence from Fracking"

Professional skillset

Strong Stata and R, familiar with SQL, Python and Matlab

Software: Google Earth Engine, ArcGIS, QGIS, Git, Linux, LaTeX, Microsoft Office

Causal inference techniques: instrumental variables (IV), (synthetic) difference-in-differences (DiD), regression discontinuity (RD), spatial RD, randomized control trials (RCT), propensity score and nearest neighbor matching, causal forest, double machine learning, surrogate models

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